UX Design

Septembre 2020: This page is deprecated. Please come back soon for an updated portfolio.

Although I was studying and searching for most of the last ten years (see Activities), having founded Net Oxygen meant I had the opportunity of working on a fair selection of Web projects. My interest was above all on the interface and I chose to spend more time designing and wire-framing than developing. Here is a selection of projects I was involved in.

Project: JVAL Festival

Site: www.jval.ch
Description: yearly setup of a new website and e-communication. My task here is across multiple domains. First, two months before the festival, a new website is launched, in accordance with the year’s poster / flyer design. Second, as the festival approaches, a whole communication scheme is setup to bring all the relevant information to the festival-goers.

Projet: Archives Jean Piaget

Site: www.archivespiaget.ch
Description: the goals was to bring this classical scientific institute online. The project was build around four focus points. First the Archives Jean Piaget needed a site to gain some visibility. Second they needed to be able to easily communicate information about seminars (several per year) in a flexible way but with a consistent information scheme. Third they needed a small e-commerce. And finally, they needed to hook-up onto an external online archive.

Chambre Vaudoise ImmobilièreProject: Chambre Vaudoise Immobilière

Site: www.cvi.ch
Description: build the CVI’s new website and e-shop. Joint project with F. Bodmer. Creation of the complete design for the site, and its implementation. There were two major constraints in this project. First, the design of existing paper brochures had to be kept and extended into a full Web identity & style. Second, the site had a rather large set of content, which was highly structured (since it was both aimed at individuals and professionals). We chose to use colour coding to help identify sections of the site; we also applied some JS animation libraries to reduce apparent volume of information and reduce loading times.

TextoboxProject: Textobox – professional text-messaging website

Site: www.textobox.com
Description: design of the messaging interface and interactions. The central challenge was to find a paradigm which would allow people to access all main functionalities, and this from one single screen (Nobody wants to load content or pages “just” in order to send a text-message). A gradient-circle scheme was selected, with features gravitating around the focal point.

NyonRegion TelevisionProject: NyonRegion Television

Site: www.nrtv.ch
Description: setup of a platform for diffusing NR-TV’s daily videos. The difficulty here was to create a coherent website which would have a simple and local feel, whilst constantly putting forward the new contents, and accommodating the archived videos. We opted to rely on dailymotion as the video hosting, and adapted a blog-oriented system (WordPress) as new recordings were uploaded daily. An additional “featured videos” player was created, allowing people to browse recent topics.