My name is Nicolas Jones. I’m a creative User Experience designer with a passion for innovative product conception.

We are all unique… and therefore interact in different and unpredictable ways. My interests are directed at such user-related issues, and lie at the intersection of human-computer interaction and cognitive science. Above all, I value creative thinking and novel solutions.

Half Swiss, half English, I am a computer science engineer from EPFL and have a background in research: I hold Ph.D. in Human-Computer interaction on the topic of recommender systems. 

From 2011 to 2019, I was working at the Swiss IT company ELCA. I spent many years involved in its ticketing spinoff, SecuTix. I designed the omnichannel B2C, B2B and C2C platforms, and became one of the enterprise’s product managers, balancing the clients’ needs with the product’s growth goals, whilst maintaining a cohesive system.

My goals are to combine my creativity and product-oriented mind, and reposition the users at the center of the innovation process. Committed and open, I like interacting with people, appreciate team-work and seek to contribute in a challenging and stimulating field. 

I have deep knowledge regarding Agile, Design Thinking and Lean UX methodologies. My expertise is cross-domain, ranging from expert applications, responsive websites, intranets to e-commerces. My specialities are UX, UI, strategy & analysis, user insight & innovation, roadmap scoping. Other topics include Recommender Systems, Collaborative Filtering, Cognitive Science and Sociology. 

In my spare time, I preside the JVAL Openair music festival, am involved in an organic-local-zero waste food cooperative called La Brouette and have co-founded Courses Virtuelles running platform. Oh and earlier in my life, I co-created Net Oxygen, an Internet services company.

No, svenjick is not the name of a Swedish interior-design product. It’s simply the name by which you’ll find me online (yes, there are a several “Nicolas Jones” online).